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Project description:

Men's navy v-neck t-shirt with 3 embroidered dogs (two french bulldogs and one pug), screen printed text "GOODALL" on the top of the back with screen printed logo on the middle of the back.

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Quantity total: 80 pcs
Quantity per style: 80 pcs
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Amount of styles: 1
Produced before: No

Services required & details


Pattern Digitising: I can create paper patterns if needed


100% cotton, colour: Navy


3 embroidered dogs on the front (8 inches x 8 inches) Screen printed Logo in the middle of the back (3 inches x 3 inches) Screen printed text 'GOODALL" (9 inches long x 3 inches width)


80 T-Shirts (10 Small, 20 Medium, 20 large, 20 XL and 10 XXL)
needed by: within a month


Reference Images

Description: Men's logo that will be screen printed onto the middle of the back
File namemens_logo_.jpg
Description: This is the style of screen printed i want for the text 'GOODALL' on the top of the back
Description: Pantone of Navy
Description: This is the style of t-shirt i want
File namenavyvnecktshirt.jpg
Description: This is the font for the text 'GOODALL' screen printed onto the top of the back
File namegoodall_textfont.jpg
Description: Pantone of White for Embroidery
Description: Moodboard
File namemens_tshirt_1.jpg

Sketches / CADs

File namemens_tshirt_1.jpg
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