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T-shirts / Vests

Project description:

Just want a small quantity of white and black t shirts to be made with MAIDEN printed across the chest, I would like customised woven neck labels to be sewn into the shirt aswell if that is possible

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Quantity total: 14 pcs
Quantity per style: 14 pcs
Sizes: S,M,L
Amount of styles: 1
Produced before: No

Services required & details


Size charts: Very minor help, sizes of prints and size chart


I would need a size large t shirt in white
needed by: No specific time limit


I don’t know what fabric or trims to use


A logo I have made on publisher and can provide pictures of to be printed in the middle of the t shirt


I will need help with production, but not bulk, at the minute only looking to get a few sizes in of each colour but if quality and price are good will be back if the expedition is a success


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