Frequently asked questions


What is pattern making?

Pattern making is a process of making template pieces of a garment. Usually, cut out from thick paper or created digitally with software, these templates are later used in cutting out specific parts of clothes from fabrics. Another name for pattern making can be pattern cutting.

What is pattern grading?

Pattern Grading is creating various sizes from the master pattern. Using our software and database, it is possible to grade for average measurements or to produce clothes for certain body types or genders.

What is a fitting sample or toile?

Sample making is producing clothes from designs. With it, you can get the look and the feel of the designs and fabrics before launching production.

Toile is a prototype or the first version of your garment using cheaper fabrics. With it, you can get the look and feel of the design and fabric before launching full-scale production and wasting expensive fabrics.

Why do I need a sample before starting production?

You need a sample to see how the sizing works with the fabric you chose, how the garment looks overall, finishings and specifics hard to see on paper. But, mostly it is important to have a sample to see how the manufacturer understood you and the task and if the quality is on par with what you are looking for.

What is marker making?

The process or arranging and laying out patterns on the fabric to make best use of the fabric. Even when producing small quantities, marker making is essential. This process is computer aided which not only gives us great efficiency but also reduces waste and saves valuable time.

What is a stylesheet?

A Stylesheet is your garments specifications. This sheet gives information on designs, fabrics used, available colours and trims, detailed description of the garment, sizing of the garment and a simple design sketch front and pack side.

What is a line sheet?

A Line sheet is basic documentation for your garment, company and order possibilities. This includes styles, available sizes, colours, fabrics used and other specifics that are needed to present to the buyers.

What is a technical pack (tech pack)?

Tech pack is a very important document that allows better communication between designers and manufacturing.

Tech pack has all the necessary components to create a garment. Usually, a Tech Pack includes detailed measurements, trims, materials and fabrics, desired colours or color codes, labels and tags and other information.

Having a tech pack will make creating a line sheet and stylesheet a much easier process.

If you don’t have a tech pack but have a design or a sketch, no worries, through Sewport can create your project and select the "Idea, Specification" step and mention you would need a Tech Pack made or browse our manufacturers in Search using the same "Idea, Specification" criteria.

What is Cut Make Trim or CMT?

Cut Make Trim or CMT is part of the production process that involves:

1) Cutting the fabric – CUT;
2) Various sewing steps are performed to produce a garment – MAKE;
3) Garments are trimmed, evaluated for quality and packed for delivery – TRIM;

What is a digital pattern? What systems are Assyst/Gerber/Lectra?

Digital patterns are same as paper patterns but in digital format. They are created on specialised workstations that have pattern making software. The leading software solutions are called Gerber, Assyst, Lectra. Unless you have this software installed on your computer or workstation, you will not be able to open or view these files.

What is a plotter file .plo or .hplg?

A plotter file is a vector based file that contains your patterns but is suitable to be printed out on a large format printer.

What is a Pantone?

This is a popular colour provider. A company well known for the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics

What is GSM in fabric?

Grams per square meeter. It is a measurment used to determine thickness of fabric. A usual cotton t-shirt would have 120-160 gsm.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a process of heat pressing a print on to fabric. The composition of polyester in the fabric must be 65% or more for the print to turn out in good quality.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a method of printing using a film/form/stencil and applying one layer of paint at a time. Each colour is applied using a different film, once at a time and in the end all colours are combined on the garment or fabric.

What is flex, flock printing?

It is a durable printing method when a shape of form is cut out from vynil, foil or other material and heat-pressed on to the garment of fabric. Flex is smooth, shiny or matt and Flock is a raised surface, which can have a plush feel and a bit fuzzy.

What is digital printing?

Paint is printed directly on to the garment or fabric using a printer, much like printing our a sheet of paper. This method is often used with designs that require a high level of detail or a large variety of colours.
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