Sewport is an intelligent 
 garment production platform.

We guide Brands from sketch to stitch.
Create a place where Brands can turn ideas into products
Make the clothing manufacturing experience seamless
Empower the fashion community to innovate and prosper
Provide a one stop shop for all services


Increased visibility of new brands and emerging designers
We opened the doors for service providers and factories to get new customers
Created space where anyone without connections in the industry can find the best matching manufacturing partners
Brought all services in one place at a click of a button
Implemented easy to use communication and project management tools
When young ambitious and technically savvy designers said there was a problem in the garment production industry we believed them. It was quickly brought to our attention that both manufacturers and brands repeatedly face the same problems that hinder young entrepreneurship from flourishing. New designers have no connections in the industry and lack practical experience of speaking to manufacturers. Whereas factories are frustrated that potential clients do not understand the concept of minimum order quantity and are surprised that sometimes there is a need for third parties and sub-contractors.
Originally, Sewport was built to support emerging brands and aspiring fashion designers who struggled to connect with the right factories to launch their businesses. We ventured to confront the lack of structural support from the fashion industry and started outsourcing service providers, bringing them in one place and helping our clients to create all types of garments they desired.
Working with emerging brands does not always mean dealing with the tight budget and low quantities. They just need a little bit of extra support to navigate the murky waters of finding the right partners and going through the production stages. Boris Hodakels, the founder of Sewport, decided that it was time to introduce changes to the messy logistics of getting from a sketch to a fit sample.
This is how Sewport became a mentor for young entrepreneurs and SMEs in the fashion industry. We grew an extensive network of service providers and built strong relationships with representatives of the fashion industry when managing their production from start to finish.
We recognise that clothes production has a steep learning curve. However, coming from the manufacturing background we also know the process can be broken down into small easy steps that make Brands enjoy the process instead of dreading it.
When Sewport strengthened its presence in London attracting bigger clients, we developed a new vision that goes hand in hand with the latest technological trends – creating an online space where every Brand, no matter how big or small, benefits from step-by-step guidance through the clothing manufacturing process and is instantly matched with appropriate service providers from around the World, while manufacturers can easily browse through their projects and engage in business that suits their capabilities.
In 2017, we proudly launched an online platform Sewport. We did not fancy becoming another ‘sort-by’ registry that gets quickly outdated and barely provides any useful information. Instead, Sewport combines all services in one place and removes complexity around creating a piece of clothing.
The tools that we offer to the Brands allow completing each stage of production without constraints. To contact the right manufacturers, Brands are encouraged to create a Project where they can upload all the necessary information including their sketches, CADs, Tech Packs, order quantities and more. Our IT team worked hard developing smart algorithms that match the projects to the appropriate manufacturers based on their Project information and capabilities of the service providers.
We create equal exposure to all our factories and ensure that all brands have access to the hidden gems.
Designers can compare services from multiple manufacturers or engage with different service providers and invite them to collaborate on their project. All communication takes place on the platform in the dedicated chat room, so no more lost emails with important attachments.
With the new Sewport platform, we eliminated the middle-men and established a functional space for creativity to bloom. It is an opened source for anyone who is interested in garment production.
We are looking forward to turning your vision into a product and helping your business grow.


Excellent communications tools
Convenient project management software
Quick access to the best service providers
Rated and reviewed manufacturers
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